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Undertale OC: Spinette by Bloodhoundgal101
Hi! I'll be drawing Undertale OCs or Canon characters commissioned by you guys in full colour. Just ask if you want it full body, waist up or mug shot. There will also be an appropriate background for it. Please be patient if you don't get it at once. Thank you!!
Steven Universe OCs and Canon
Redstone by Bloodhoundgal101
Hi! I'll be drawing Steven Universe OCs or Canon characters commissioned by you guys in full colour. Just ask if you want it full body, waist up or mug shot. There will also be an appropriate background for it. Please be patient if you don't get it at once. Thank you!!



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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I'm glass: break me and I'll make you bleed. ||
Rae || Otaku || ♋️ || cONFUSED SEXUALITY || SuperWhoLock || Lotr || The Hobbit || Star Wars || Cosplayer || Average Writer || Geek || Nerd || Gamer || X-Men ||

I Cosplay anime and cartoons and OCs.

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Morsil Wellok by Bloodhoundgal101
Morsil Wellok

Morsil Wellok

Race: Chagrian

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Romanticism: Polyromantic

Personality: Morsil is an optimistic person who loves smiling and laughing. He’s not that bubbly kind but he’s very energetic. He’s a good strategist and analyser. He’s excitable and is a prankster. He can get annoying at times with his hyper personality. Some people call him obnoxious because of that. He has a fairly high ego but doesn’t do any brash actions to help aid it. Morsil is faithful and has good leadership skills. Although, he has a tendency to overthink some stuff, especially when under pressure. He can’t function under pressure and plans things ahead. He’s adventurous but a little too much which causes him to be in trouble at times.

History: Morsil was born in Gorse but grew up in Lothal. His family had to move due to work. He was born into a family of nerf herders and therefore was raised as one. His family owns a farm and has a fairly large cattle of nerfs.

Now when he was eight years old, being the adventurous boy he is, he went over to the old Zabrak’s place. That Zabrak was an ex-bounty hunter whom everyone deemed as crazy. But Morsil didn’t believe that and decided to befriend him which he succeeded in doing. Since then, he was taught to do a few tips and tricks.

At the age of eighteen, he decided to be a bounty hunter and moved out. At the age of twenty, he met Akithes during one of the hunts. They were hunting two people that were related to each other and decided to team up. Since then, they’ve been working together. 

Can'desco Hilpeza by Bloodhoundgal101
Can'desco Hilpeza

Can’desco Hilpeza

Race: Twi’lek

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Romanticism: Biromantic

Personality: Can’desco is a relatively calm Jedi. She’s very competitive and family-oriented, putting her family and loved ones ahead of her. She doesn’t talk much but she has a good judgement and can give great pep talks and speeches. She’s observant as well. She doesn’t like loud noises and prefers to be in a place where there are few people. Can’desco doesn’t always speak so people don’t know what she’s thinking (unless they use the Force) and she tends to just appear out of nowhere, causing people to be surprised. She’s sometimes insecure with herself and a few people underestimate her.

History: She was born in Ryloth. She was identified as Force sensitive when she was around four years old and sent to train as a Jedi at the age of five. Can’desco was quite pressured by the teachers and peers since her older sister, Shin’Fehi, is quite notorious for being impulsive and strong-willed, expecting Can’desco to act better and set an example for her sister.  

At the age of fifteen, she was taken as an apprentice for her Master Thomas Neru, a human from Tattooine. During those times, she started feeling insecure about herself, being bullied for being quiet and obedient. Shin’Fehi would defend her at times. Although Can’desco is grateful for her sister’s help, she felt a bit annoyed, telling Shin’Fehi that she can handle herself.

Can’desco was devastated when Shin’Fehi was expelled from the Academy. She was sixteen at that time while her older sister was twenty. She graduated at the age of eighteen and became a Jedi Knight. She currently has no padawan. 

Shin'Fehi Hilpeza by Bloodhoundgal101
Shin'Fehi Hilpeza

Shin’Fehi Hilpeza

Race: Twi’lek

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Polysexual

Romanticism: Panromantic

Personality: Shin’Fehi is a stubborn and impulsive Twi’lek. She’s usually complacent and has a very high ego. She’s known to be tempermental but she’s very loyal and honest to a fault. Her voice is quite loud and has a colourful vocabulary. Shin’Fehi is very charismatic and actually quite friendly. She’s horrible at lying and has a tendency to be pessimistic. She has a fear of being left alone though. Even if she swears a lot, she knows how to filter her words and when to speak.

History: Shin’Fehi was born in Ryloth. She was sent to train as a Jedi at the age of six years old. Her parents were thrilled when they found out that their child is Force sensitive. She was a loud youngling, usually trying to monopolize conversations but she offered a lot of her help when she was young and made a lot of friends. She was overjoyed and excited when Can’desco came to train.

At the age of fourteen Master Ife Ierju, a female Nautolan, took her in as an apprentice. Shin’Fehi greatly respected Ife but usually caused her headaches and frustration. Her stubbornness and hot headed nature caused Ife to save her hind multiple times from being severely punished. Shin’Fehi would usually be scolded by her teachers and her sister.

She became a Jedi Knight at the age of eighteen. But because of this new independence, Shin’Fehi’s impulsiveness grew, thinking that she can handle anything. She took on missions (usually without the Council’s acknowledgment) that were dangerous most of the time. This caused her to be expelled from the Academy at the age of twenty. Since then, she’s been a smuggler. But she occasionally uses her connection with the Force and still practices her training. She also serves as a transporter for her sister. 

Akithes Mo by Bloodhoundgal101
Akithes Mo

Akithes Mo

Race: Nautolan

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romanticism: Biromantic

Personality: Akithes is a brash and hot-headed guy. He’s usually quiet but tends to lash out easily and get involved into multiple arguments. Its only when he’s arguing (or aggressively defending himself or his statement as he likes to call it) he has the will to talk. Akithes is very loyal and actually likes to offer his help a lot. He doesn’t like to be romantically or emotionally attached to someone, so he settles on having one-night stands when he has ‘urges’. Although, he will make exceptions to whoever does capture his heart and feelings, just don’t expect him to be fully committed though. But he won’t cheat though since he’s loyal and stuff.  

History: Akithes was born in Lahn. He has no siblings but he was born to a family of a smuggler and a diner owner. His father was the smuggler and his mother was the diner owner. Akithes had a hard time making friends when he was young due to his intimidating stature and difficulty in socializing, leaving him with a few friends. Even if his father was rarely home, his mother loved him dearly.

When Akithes was twelve years old, his father left the family and broke his mother’s heart. Since then, he grew close with his mother and decided to become a bounty hunter to help his mother earn money and to hunt down the smugglers. He has a neighbour that is a bounty hunter and Akithes asked to be mentored by him.

He has bounty hunter partner named Morsil Wellok. 

Ankaro Ren WIP by Bloodhoundgal101
Ankaro Ren WIP

if i grow to be obsessed with them kill me

This is to inform you that we ( as in an unspecified team) are currently under the construction of creating a comic dub series from the fandom Undertale. As of now we are still searching for individuals who think they are capable of voicing certain characters in the story (a list will be provided below. Now that’s when you come in, bucko. Yup, you’re important. If you think that you are fit enough to play the role then I highly recommend you auditioning and if you come across someone who you think does good as well.. then why not? ;))  The following roles are available:


    ·        Frisk

    ·        Toriel

    ·        Asgore

    ·        Bratty and Catty

    ·        Monster Kid

    ·        Grillby

    ·        Background characters. (Nice Cream Guy, Burger Pants, Woshua, Angry Dummy, etc. )


While the following roles are taken:

    ·        Sans

    ·        Papyrus

    ·        Mettaton

    ·        Muffet

    ·        Flowey

    ·        Asriel

    ·        Chara

    ·        Undyne

    ·        Alphys

    ·        Napstablook

    ·        Temmie

This is somewhat akin to an ask blog but we haven’t exactly created one yet. We’re still starting out small, voice acted versions would be posted on YouTube.

But since we don’t have enough actors yet and the first episode is still under drafting (the whole plot is directed by asks and or comments for YouTube), we’ll be accepting any questions ahead to prepare for the first episode. You could ask anything, I swear.

If you are auditioning please email us your character and a recording of your voice or video recording of the impression at or


Please give your name (can be a screen name for safety reasons)  and please also send us other contact info such as Skype, Twitter any social medias basically. For early bird questions send it to the same email accounts. We have no official deadline for the auditions but we are trying to finish this as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.



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Bloodhoundgal101 has started a donation pool!
21 / 9,900
Hey guys! I'll be doing commissions in forms of either fanfiction or art, but the art is usually cartoon or chibi. Please forgive if it turns out in a way you don't like but I'll do my best to make it.

~ Reader-Insert: Imagine/Drabble: 5 points
Oneshot: 10 points
~ Ships: imagine/Drabble: 5 points
Oneshot: 10 points

~ Waist-up (no colour): 5points
~ Waist-up (with colour): 10 points
~ Whole body (no colour): 15 points
~ Whole body (with colour): 20 points
~ Group: 30 points
~ Group with background: 40 points

I'll try to have it up as soon as I can. Thanks guys and enjoy your day!

Zeki Animals + Rose and Thorn Divider by AngelicHellraiser

Everything, isn't just black and white.
No time to be sorry
Purple Hearts Lace by AngelicHellraiser

When destiny dawns at your feet,
Would you accept it?
When you feel sorry for tomorrow,
Would you experience someone's greater sorrow?
When the world ends it's part,
Will you be there to mend my broken heart?

Purple Hearts Lace by AngelicHellraiser

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Purple Hearts Lace by AngelicHellraiser
Red Rose Divider by AngelicHellraiser

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